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Kuusi Software

Software Development Services for environmental, humane and smart projects.

Software Development


Kuusi Software develops Web Systems with latest technologies. The technologies are selected to match the task and keeping them up to date helps with high level of security. And most of all, development is fun and when it is fun it is creative and fast.

Agile Process


Agile process for the client is Software Development with frequent feedback loop. Every two weeks we provide a functioning application for the customer to review. This ensures two important factors: the product is developed for the exact need and all parties can syncronise over concrete discussion.

Cloud Solutions


We use Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud to provide infrasturcture and raw computation power for our products and services. It makes fast prototyping and managing large Web applications possible. Cloud solutions are also cost effective.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Machine Learning enables applications to predict patterns in datasets and understand voice, videos or images. Sometimes even seemingly impossible algorithms are solvable with properly selected neural network. Machine Learning systems can be build so that they adjust to changing environment and learn on previous observations over time.